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  • Learn what CRASEL is about: LINK 

  • Learn about CRASEL'S partners: LINK

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  • Culturally Responsive & Affirming Social-Emotional Leadership Pilot Program or CRASEL, is a one-year pilot program that will be implemented in five District 5 Schools:

  • How it works A team of leaders, teachers, families, and students will develop a CRASEL/equity plan to improve student outcomes.

  • Goals  
    1. Prepare leaders and teachers to meet the social, emotional, and cultural needs of black and brown students,
    2. Protect the rights of black and brown students to receive an equitable education,
    3. Modernize curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment to support the positive academic ability of all learners.

  • In collaboration with District 5 Superintendent’s Office, HREP is spearheading the racial equity initiative for the district.

  • The Racial Equity Planning Team for District 5 has created a “racial equity statement” for the district.   > LINK 


  • HREP has conducted racial equity team training with schools across the district

  • “Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) training was conducted by New York University Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools for the school community.

  • The administrative staff is involved in ongoing professional development and participates in the “Critically Conscious Educators Rising Series” conducted by New York University and the Department of Education to strengthen our work on racial equity and to develop/deepen equity racially just lens.

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