The Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC) is HREP's backbone organization and supports the infrastructure of the partnership.

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HREP is a member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network. StriveTogether is a national movement with a clear purpose: helping every child succeed in school and life from cradle to career, regardless of race, zip code or circumstance. In partnership with nearly 70 communities across the country, StriveTogether provides resources, best practices, and processes to give every child every chance for success.


A Cradle to Career Education Partnership requires the support and commitment of all
types of partners, from influential executives to the grassroots community. Ensuring
every child is able to succeed truly takes the whole community, and one of the first steps is building a Leadership Table. The Community Leadership Table – “Our Collective” - is a formalized group of executive-level members of the organizations participating in the Partnership.

This group is charged with setting the overall strategy for the Partnership, committing organizational/institutional resources to see that the right work gets done, and breaking down political or organizational barriers that inhibit the system from working effectively. This group includes representation from the K-12, higher education, philanthropic, and business sectors and may include other sectors such as early learning, non-profit, civic, community, and faith-based.


Early Childhood  

Philanthropic Investors 

Higher Education    





Faith Based Institutions     

Local Business     

  *Anchor Partners

**Backbone Organization