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Reverend Reginald Lee Bachus

Reverend Reginald Lee Bachus is a third-generation Baptist preacher from Kansas who graduated from Yale Divinity School in 2009.  Following graduation, Reverend Bachus returned to Chicago to join his father, Reverend Reginald E. Bachus at the Friendship Baptist Church.  During this time he was the architect of Austin Coming Together (ACT), a collective impact initiative for social change made up of 80 organizations on Chicago’s Westside.  In 2010, ACT launched a ten-year plan for community change that is still in operation. Reverend Bachus was the Senior Pastor at Mt. Ollie Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, and the former Associate Pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church.  While at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, he assumed the additional role of CEO of the Abyssinian Development Corporation, Inc. (ADC) and was instrumental in stabilizing the organization and putting it back on the path of advancing its 30-year mission of faith-based community development. 


Reverend Bachus is currently on full scholarship at Hofstra Law School as he sees law as an important skillset and advocacy tool in the fight to advance the Kingdom of God.  He currently serves as the President of the 400 Foundation. Inc. which has a workforce development arm that has employed hundreds of men and women throughout COVID and produced over $1M in meals for New Yorkers.  

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