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Mission & Vision


We are the members of District 5’s Community Collaborative Network and are committed to addressing the racial inequities that have historically under-resourced the schools in Harlem.  As a network, we are a community of activists who believe in the intentional creation of just and equitable spaces that disrupt systemic racism in the furtherance of racial, ethnic, gender, and identity equality. Through self-reflection and critical consciousness, we engage in courageous decision-making around policies and practices to support underrepresented populations with access, opportunity, and entry into a more inclusive society.


We work collectively to combine our resources, current, and future, to ensure that our work goes forward without interruption. We revere our entire community and honor them as true partners in this work.  We envision all stakeholders, students, families, school-based community members, organizations, and other entities in Harlem committed to celebrating and leveraging our rich culture, heritage, and strengths to advance educational outcomes while creating an affirming, healthy, and culturally sustainable community anchored in love, justice, and prominence. 

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